LINTEC is a comprehensive manufacturer of adhesive-related products established in 1934.

The product lineup covers many diversified fields including not only adhesive papers and films for seals and labels, but also shatter-proof window films, adhesive sheets for outdoor signs, interior finishing mounting sheets, automobile-use adhesive products, semiconductor-related tape, and LCD-related adhesive products.

In addition, they are also developing and manufacturing various kinds of related equipment that bring out the characteristics of label materials and tapes to the maximum level including label printing machines, barcode printers, labeling machines, and semiconductor-related equipment, and are responding to the various needs of adhesive-related industries with a comprehensive approach that realizes synergies bettheyen the soft elements (materials) and the hard elements (equipment).

Furthermore, their company is developing and providing various products in the fields of specialty papers, including color papers for envelopes and function papers, of release papers and films, and of casting papers in addition to adhesive-related products. they launch numerous products created from each process technology while providing base papers for release papers used for their adhesive materials and release papers and films in the company.

At present, they have local bases in 15 countries and regions and employ about 4,000 employees, and have posted consolidated net sales of 203,242 million yen.